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What more is there to learn?

Kiro Kids has been at the forefront of post-graduate chiropractic clinical education for many years. Dr Neil Davies is well known to many as the publisher of Chiropractic Paediatrics A Clinical Handbook in 2000 and 2010.

The analysis and correction protocols that he taught in the Adjusting the Child seminar program, later evolving into what is known today as NeuroImpulse Protocol or NIP, were applauded at seminars attended by many chiropractors around the world this last decade.

We’ve understood for a long time the challenge of chiropractors starting our programs in different years at different starting points. There are new graduates globally every year who never heard of us! How do they get started with NIP and bring themselves up to speed in 2012? What if you missed seminars in recent years? What if this is the first time you ever heard about NIP?

In 2012

Kiro Kids launched a unique online project…

Seminars are difficult to present in every country frequently enough.

We’ve developed a new membership program packed with NIP content.

You choose how much content you want and we deliver it to you.

A logical progression from hotel seminars

We’re no stranger to the internet and hundreds of chiropractors have already learned about NIP online, used our interactive teaching materials and DVDs, even going on to our Certificate and Masters courses in Chiropractic Paediatrics at a higher level of discipline and academia.

We’ve often been asked to provide easy access to all our teaching products in one place, at an affordable price and to stream seminars online. We were asked for text downloads, audio podcasts and video. Not an unreasonable request?

We were asked for high bandwidth to deliver video you want to watch without the slow, stop and start, frustrating quality we’ve grown to hate. We were asked to include the Powerpoint slides so you don’t miss half the show and asked to deliver our interactive CDs online in a SlideShow format so they are still easily viewed. What about the mints?

Not asking too much? Well, we checked it out and it’s no easy feat. It took a while but we think we delivered the goods for you and worked out a way you can get all the content you want, delivered at regular intervals with an entire year’s teaching program available to you…and more. Can’t get to a seminar? We may have you covered!

  • Innovative, progressive and geared to the busy practitioner who wants to stay up to date…
    Dr Michael Black, Melbourne, Australia
  • The neurological approach coupled with motion palpation and muscle testing is intellectually stimulating to the chiropractor and the adjustment is lightweight and fast”
    Dr Audrey Yargui, France
  • Learning NIP has been one of the biggest professional challenges I have faced but now I have the joy of  practicing a completely neurologically based technique that is 100% specific and predictable. THANK YOU
    Dr Helena Hahn, Sweden
  • This is the largest and most generous teaching program ever provided to our colleagues. For a small cost, you get to remain a member and view content others pay for a full weekend’s teaching, travel and accommodation costs…
    Dr Neil J. Davies D.C., Director Kiro Kids, Ballarat, Australia

Introducing NIP Academy – A Kiro Kids online resource

We understand the need for choices, differing price points and the variance in how much content chiropractors want. We created a membership site that allows you to join for free, get a taste of who we are and what we provide, upgrade to three different paid membership levels each with increasing content that refreshes and increases monthly.

Most importantly, we learned over the years how to teach most effectively and not to dump a mass of material on you that you’ll never take in. We created a unique system using dripped content.

Join the Bronze level for free…for as long as you want.

Upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum levels at any time.

Enjoy content dripped at regular intervals in a structured teaching program with an entire years content.

No matter when you join, your year of content kicks off.

Take a peek inside NIP Academy

The NeuroImpulse Protocol – An Introductory e-course.

Priority notification of all Kiro Kids seminars.

Access to clinical education interactive modules.

Access to Kiro Kids clinical support services at varying levels.

Grand rounds chiropractic clinical cases with audio files.

NIP audio tutorials.

NIP seminars in streaming video.

Radiology and paediatrics seminars in streaming video.

A teaching bank of files that grows as long you remain a member.

More than a year of teaching content at a cost lower than attending a weekend seminar.

Include your informal learning hours for CE points.

What do I do next?

It can’t be simpler! Submit your name and email at the top of this page. You’re instantly registered for free as an NIP Academy Bronze member. You’ll receive an email from me with a password. Log in, complete your profile and browse around. Start with the free NIP Introductory course in motion palpation. View the video content that is sprinkled around the site and catch me in Clinical Grand Rounds.

You’ll soon get a taste for who we are and what we provide. The NIP Academy membership pages clearly outline what is offered at the higher levels. You have the choice to upgrade your membership any time and hidden content will be revealed to you, such as entire weekend seminars in high quality streaming video!