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What is NeuroImpulse Protocol (NIP)

The NIP technique came about during the 1990’s. It is the brainchild of Dr Neil J Davies, the author of the popular text “Chiropractic Pediatrics A Clinical Handbook” published by Churchill Livingstone. During this time Dr Davies was striving to evolve a technique approach to be used with babies that was absolutely precise neurologically, but extremely gentle in its application.

Ultimate Precision

Along with its gentleness (you can tolerate the thrust on your eyeball!) the uniqueness of the NIP system lies in its ability to direct the chiropractor to exactly the right location to adjust. It does this by its highly sophisticated integration of very precise chiropractic assessment techniques and detailed neurological examination. The technique is so precise, the typical NIP practitioner needs only adjust one location per visit to achieve maximum, sustainable clinical outcomes.

The assessment technique is so accurate it led one medical specialist who was spending some time watching one of the Kiro Kids chiropractors practice to remark that in all his training and specialist practice he had never seen such a sophisticated approach to the neurological examination or such rapid changes following treatment.

Predictable, reproducible clinical results for patients of all ages

As development progressed it soon became evident that the technique was just as applicable to the adult population and in fact was far superior in the clinical results it produced than the systems being used by Dr Davies at the time. Some 8 years of clinical research in the patient setting has led to the consolidation of an amazingly accurate, reproducible system of subluxation assessment that affords the chiropractor an opportunity to impact even the most difficult of cases.

Intelligent, neurological chiropractic at its brilliant best

The NIP technique is used exclusively throughout Dr Davies’ Chiropractic Clinics in Victoria, Australia and the result has been nothing short of astonishing in terms of new patient numbers. Patients drive long distances to receive NIP technique because the results they are getting are quick and sustainable and they don’t get hurt by hard manipulative style techniques.

The development of NeuroImpulse Protocol and, the future of evidence based neurological care is certainly an ever expanding space. We hope you jump on board and begin your NIP learning journey today!

The Founder, Dr Neil J Davies

In 1993 while I was teaching at an Australian university, I came across an article published by Shimizu, Shamada, et al and the NeuroImpulse Protocol was born. Very embryonic to begin with, but exciting times lay ahead as the science of neuroplasticity burst onto the scene and brain research exploded exponentially following the introduction of MRI.

Applying the principles of biomechanics coupled with the evolving information from neuroscience saw rapid development of NIP, especially in the cranial adjusting sphere. The advent of dark patterns and understanding pattern fragmentation allowed us to more deeply explore the dysfunctional brain and today we have reached the place where we can actually backtrack the evolution of dysfunctional patterns right back to childhood and neutralize their ongoing effects.

The future is exciting as we begin to use functional MRI (fMRI) to assist us to facilitate neuroplastic response by creating collateral brain pathways and more permanently quarantining harmful brain patterns.

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